Susanne Bornelöv "sblab"

bioinformatics, (epi)genomics, machine learning, piRNAs, codon usage

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Are you interested in our research and looking to join our team? Whether you are a postgraduate student, postdoc or are seeking a host for your MSci or MPhil project, we welcome genuine and well-thought-out enquiries. Please see below for further information and any current openings.

Current openings

Postdoc positions

If interested in joining our team as a postdoctoral researcher, please reach our to Susanne (instructions below). We may be able to provide short-term funding, but would generally expect postdoctoral fellows to also apply for independent funding though EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships, MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships or similar. Please reach out to discuss your suitability and potential projects.

PhD students

If interested in doing a PhD with us, please do write to Susanne (instructions below) to express your interest and discuss your suitability. We are part of the Cambridge Biosciences DTP PhD Programme (listed under Transformative technologies) and can offer both 1st-year rotation and final projects through this programme. Prospective PhD students can also apply for university funding (such as Cambridge Trust and Gates Cambridge) through the PhD in medical science application portal, or apply for funding in their home countries.

Masters and undergraduate projects

If you are interested in pursuring a Masters or undergradudate project with us, we have previously hosted an MSci project as part of the University of Cambridge Part III Systems Biology course, as well as a summer internships through the CRUK CI Undergraduate Summer Research Programme. We encourage students wishing to pursue similar opportunities to reach out to us to discuss their suitability, potential projects, and time frame.

Advice for expressing your interest

To contact us, please use We are a small team driven by a desire to learn fundamental biology using computational and data-driven methods. When contacting us or applying for a position, please clearly explain how your training and research interests align with our goals. As a computational team, we expect candidates to have experience with coding and command line tools in line with their career stage. However, if you're only interested in developing computational methods without a desire to understand the underlying biology, you may not flourish here.

If you're interested in a specific job advert, please apply using the official University of Cambridge application system. You don't need to email your application to us, but feel free to reach out if you have any queries about the position. For general enquiries about future projects and positions in the team, or if you want to apply for your own funding, please attach a CV and explain why you're interested in joining us. We look forward to hearing from you!